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With all the recent war news, I was led back to thinking about the music of my youth and the peace movement which started out with much resistance, but which grew and grew to finally have a prodigious role in ending the Vietnam War. This song was of course a classic from the era, and I was moved to sing it once more.

My partner Carol's mom, Jean Edwards, turns 99 years old April 27/23. Jean had a nursing career all her life and raised 3 children with her husband Wally.

Music was woven into their life
together as both were proficient readers of music and played by ear. Jean and Wally put bands
together and regularly played in retirement communities and at other public events. Since Carol and I have been together we regularly get together with Jean and Carol's sister Diane to play music. Jean has an impressive array of instruments, her favourite harmonicas being the Low C and Low F, but just choose any key, and she's right there. Her repertoire is vast and wide and ranges from all the popular songs of the day to songs like Alistair MacGillivray''s Song For The Mira. The joy of those get-togethers inspired this song and Jean was game to record, though she had never recorded formally before.
At 99 Jean looks after the sitting room at her residence tending the plants and keeping the room in shape for people to go to and meditate, or even listen to some music. Jean had Carol and me print up copies of an old harmonica teaching book so that she can teach anyone else interested in playing.
Happy Birthday Jean! With great admiration, respect and love.

“Backporch Confidential,” is now available in a signed, limited, vinyl edition. The album, Tim's ninth, is an intimate and candid collection produced in the style of close-up, coffee house affinity.
“A master of his craft” - Roots Music Report of Texas; “A beguiling songwriter who combines eloquent poetry, interesting and percussive guitar playing, and a voice that drips with passion and authenticity” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine.
Vocals are in high relief supported by raw acoustic guitar, a pinch of banjo, mandolin for spice, and some gentle vocal harmonies provided by Tim's partner Carol Edwards-Harrison. Old pal Rodger Tippin joins on drums for a tribute to the Rocket Radio.
“Backporch Confidential” follows the muse, not the script, that same creative path which Tim took as Artistic Director and founder of several folk music festivals and events.

The album is available digitally from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Tidal etc. and also from Tim's site at

For further information contact:

here to purchase this limited vinyl edition directly.

"In the story of Canada's folk music festivals, Tim was there at the very beginning and he's still there now. While founding one of Canada's major festivals and helping to nurture several others, he has continued to write and perform his exquisitely crafted music at venues across the country. Here's Tim's story of how roots music rolled across the country to become a major force in our culture. It's a wonderful journey and we couldn't ask for a better guide than Tim Harrison."
David Essig, Canadian blues legend record engineer

"As creator and curator of seminal folk festivals and events, and as a champion of great Canadian songwriters (and being one himself) Tim Harrison has left a lasting heartprint on the folk world. His insights and memories will be a treasure for any lover of Canadian Folk Music."
Eileen McGann
Singer, songwriter, painter.

"Tim Harrison has blazed many trails, avenues of cultural expression, roads which we in Canadian folk music have trod for years, and now he shares that with all of us; this book with lift eyebrows."
Well-loved Canadian singer, entertainer, musician

Convinced by musician friend Bryan Leckie to write a book around my adventures particularly pertaining to the beginnings of the Summerfolk Festival which I founded with my brother John, I had no choice but to respond to his double-dog-dare to do it. But I must say, that once into it, I enjoyed the process and the rememberences of the many fine people I met along the way, the ones who shared their hope and joy, the ones whose work inevitbly was the finest kind of deep experience. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Available in soft cover or audio book. Purchase