Tim Harrison
A selection of 14 songs from Tim Harrison's early works: "Train Going East," produced by Stan Rogers and engineered by Daniel Lanois, and "In The Barroom Light," produced by David Essig.  Available at:
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"Making the first words count is something I learned as a writer. And as a reader or listener, it needs to grab me right away...this sounds great Tim Harrison...resonated with me right created a visual word picture and I could see the scene with all three eyes...:}"  Austin Moore.

"I agree with Austin, your lyricism immediately captures and has the listener picturing the scene. Beautiful song and arrangement. It has that vibe that makes it sound like a John Prine co-writes with Tom Waits feel. That being said, it is uniquely Tim and awesome. Get CBC on this one brother."  Theo Massop

"Amazing. Lovely narrative. Great song. Guitars sound amazing. Excellent work Tim!"
Raymond Wade
I recorded this song which I wrote during my sojourn on Gabriola Island. It was inspired by the amazing jazz band that used to play in the village centre...Steve Smith, Dick Smith, Rick Cranston and the legendary Art Ellefson. The beautiful painting "Spring Thaw" is by my artist friend Kate Dee.
"Canada's cinematic songwriter." 
The Boston Globe
Somewhat of a departure for me...a 12-bar blues...and yes love is involved!!
I have created a bi-weekly video performance on Face Book entitled "Live From The Living Room."  The videos are then transferred to YouTube.
You can find the YouTube Page by clicking here.

In the story of Canada's folk music festivals, Tim was there at the very beginning and he's still there now. While founding one of Canada's major festivals and helping to nurture several others, he has continued to write and perform his exquisitely crafted music at venues across the country. Here's Tim's story  of how roots music rolled across the country to become a major force in our culture. It's a wonderful journey and we couldn't ask for a better guide than Tim Harrison.
David Essig

As creator and curator of seminal folk festivals and events, and as a champion of great Canadian songwriters (and being one himself) Tim Harrison has left a lasting heartprint on the folk world.  His insights and memories will be a treasure for any lover of Canadian Folk Music.
Eileen McGann 
Singer, songwriter, painter.

Tim Harrison has blazed many trails, avenues of cultural expression, roads which we in Canadian folk music have trod for years, and now he shares that with all of us;  this book with lift eyebrows. 
Singer, entertainer, musician

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